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Just Start

March 4th, 2012

Just Start

When I began thinking about posting a "BLOG" I was unsure about what to write ... and a person near and dear to me said, "just start". So I am starting. It seems reasonable to begin with telling you I'm passionate about life and what I do. I love working as a Feng Shui Practitioner and in this writing I would like to concentrate on my joy of photography and how it relates to Feng Shui.

The image shown is of a terrace door in the middle of being painted. To date it is by far the most purchased of my photographs. This statement is not a pat on the back ... just a, "why is that?". Are the colors perfect for current decorating trends? Does looking deeper beneath the peeling old paint touch souls being somewhat like layers of life? Are doors and locks symbols of the unknown or to a deeper knowing? In Feng Shui the colors blue and green may be used for enhancing Health. Blue may also be used as one of the stabilizing colors for Prosperity ... another goody:) All in all there is a lot to think about and see in this simple yet quaint image. The symbolism can be richly received as each viewers perspective is a personal journey. May all your journeys be blessed! - Lainie